'The journey from inspiration to realisation inspires me.''

After graduating from Wellington School of Design with a Victoria University Degree in Industrial Design Richard travels to Europe. Here he lives on a boat with and works for the Dutch artist, stone sculptor Bastian De Gross, who teaches him the art in form finding, letting materials do the talking, and the natural flow of lines. This starts a journey of discovery and learning in creation and design.

This journey quickly becomes a roller coaster ride, which sees him travelling around the globe contracting to European and American brands, mostly in sporting products and apparel. The intersection between functional sportswear and emotive lifestyle wear and accessories becomes the niche that fascinates him the most. Fischer, Red Bull International, and Riggler are companies he's lent his skills to.

Now living in New Zealand Richard has found his skills have been adopted by the hospitality sector and has become heavily involved in fit out design. Again, it's the intersection between function and emotion that fascinates him. Like many designers these days he works across a wide range of disciplines. Along with his ties to sportswear, he finds himself working with graphics and branding also, which has included animations that have been screened globally across various public platforms for Wagamama International.

Richard finds himself more and more building up and managing teams of designers and manufactures to complete jobs.

'The journey from inspiration to realisation inspires me. Every time I put pen to paper I'm searching for unique solutions that I feel will excite people and contribute culturally in some form. My designs are intended to improve the performance of a clients business and also empower the individuals who interact with them.'