Richard Keddell Studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio involved in, commercial fit out, architectural, and urban design projects.

We take a central design role and create a full experience for the end customer and users. The intersection between function and emotion is a constantly driving factor and we pay careful attention to making sure we’re achieving or exceeding the desired results and creating amazing, memorable customer experiences. We've found that working closely as a team with clients and growing together with them has been one of our strengths.


Design, CAD, Visualisation, Project Management

The studio manages and leads the design process, and any required consultants for the client. From the first pre-design meeting through to hand over to shop fitters and builders. We believe design and user experience is optimised, and performs best when undertaken holistically. This means considering all components of the design and a clients business (or a user’s lifestyle) through thorough discussions and consultation, considering (or creating) branding, and establishing carefully the required behaviour we are trying to achieve in end users.

Depending on project pressures and budget this can lead to customising much of the design components to capture the perfect tone of voice for a brand, or user. We research the competition and work hard to find unique solutions that are not generic and give our clients an edge. We work with shop fitters, builders, and stakeholders to see the design is implemented as intended. When required the studio can help the client navigate council and regulatory compliance. We have design libraries of components that are typically custom designed, to help speed up the design process. For hospitality clients the studio has an extensive network of industry professionals and consultants to help them run their business once their fit out has been completed.



Creating the blue print for a project / functional and operational requirements / establishing regulatory requirements / aspirations and goals of the client and stakeholders / budget

Concept design

High level design / materials and finishes indication / preliminary layouts and forms / story and philosophy created / packaged to a level that can be presented to stakeholders.

Developed concept

Concept design enhanced into a fully functioning design with any required consultants and contractors.

Design documentation

Detailed council documentation and construction drawings created using the relevant contractors and consultants.

Vendor selection

Quotes and vendors proposed.

Build observation

Observe that the implementation of the design is as intended during the build stages to maintain the designs integrity.


"We find Richard very easy to deal with and he brings a good positive spirit to the table. He always has a hands on approach and always thinks out of the box with problem solving. There have been many challenges to work through along the way and Richard has always risen to these."
Sean Marshall, Chef/Business owner (Matterhorn, Monte Cervino)

“Hospitality Supply Company has collaborated with Richard Keddell Studio on hospitality fit outs, and we’ve found them to be skilful, good partners. In our primary area of commercial kitchens and workspaces, they have brought well considered spatial planning, ergonomics, services, and aesthetics nicely together.”
Detlev Rempe Managing Director, Teutonia, Hospitality Supply Company

"I have worked with Richard on infrastructure projects initiated by the local community. Richard has contributed excellent value through his well considered strategic input and outstanding design skills. Richard is very approachable and responsive when working to deadlines, and collaborates well as part of a team."
Jonathan Larsen, Kaipara District Council